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The enormous variety of choices helps underscore the point that consumer and shoppers are increasingly turning to stores that specialize in sleep to help navigate the enormous variety of choices available today.
Celeste Memory (Hi-Tech  -  Reversible)

Memory foam is the latest product created by NASA for astronauts to provide maximum comfort. It is being widely used in various industries for its unique pressure relieving properties. This dual purpose technically advanced product features superior sink in comfort on one side while orthopedic backed by pocket cells for premium body care on the other.

Celeste’ Memory feels completely different from any other mattress brands you may have used, enveloping you while you sleep. Its unique characteristic of responding to body temperature provides active comfort by evenly distributing weight to the contours of the body.

Plush high performance foams, luxury fabrics, aesthetics, thoroughly researched pocket zoning in accordance with body shape for perfect sleep posture are basic features defining the unique luxury our consumers demand. The high performance knit fabric moves air in, out and around the mattress all night, regulating the temperature. This fusion of scientifically designed comfort cells and advanced memory foam provides truly unique comfort and undisturbed sleep.

Celeste memory revolutionizes mattress industry with the only reversible option available as we care and think further than your current need; also on what you will need.

Eterna Fashion Extravaganza

When the eyes sparkle and the skin glows with freshness, it’s a sign that the entire body and mind are at its best. In this fast-paced and stressful lifestyle this generation leads, sleep has become an all-too important activity.

Luxury and comfort are the two basic things Eterna mattresses cater. Over a thousand super pocketed coil springs available for refined motion separations impart comfort, support and the ultimate luxury experience you desire. The Eterna mattress promises to help each individual make the most out of his/ her sleep so that you get up each day, fully-recharged and ready to take on the day’s challenges.

Eterna luxury is designed for re-energizing sleep and instant comfort with additional cushioning layer to provide targeted support where your body needs it most, accompanied by cross airflow harmonizing temperature control for deep, restful sleep.

The ritual of sleep is a necessity for the ordinary, but for our customers it’s no less than pure extravagance.

Classique Sound Sleep

Imagine laying on your bed where you instantly feel peace, serenity and relief from your everyday stress. On the Classique mattress your body caresses a soft surface that reminds you of your favorite place in the world. As you lay and let your body loose, you’ll slowly start to swirl and drift into a state of deep contentment for a peaceful and refreshing night’s sleep

Hundreds of independent pocket springs combined with deep layers of sumptuous fillings provide outstanding comfort and support in this mattress. Classique takes luxury and fine details to unprecedented levels. Redefining luxury, these special mattresses absorb movement from both you and your partner so you don’t roll together.

You’ll find more comfort, more support and more exquisite craftsmanship that provides unsurpassed quality and unending luxury.

Classique mattresses provide power naps, when only a few hours of sleep will make you feel as though you had a full eight hours of rest.

Ortho Health Care

Orhto engineers under the supervision of medical experts at Celeste’ research wing created a sleep surface that’s everything you’d expect and like nothing you’ve ever felt.

We guarantee the best sleep of your life in the most uncomfortable moments. Our active support system absorbs all your pain like a sponge soaks up water leaving a smooth fresh body.

We’ve topped more robust, firm support spring-system with a thick layer of specially developed contour foam, which is even more resilient and responsive than normal foam, providing just the right comfort.

Its push-back system distributes weight away from the heavy part of our bodies, relieving pressure where we need it most. Ortho created Posture Channels within the mattress to provide targeted support for the lumbar region and the back of the legs. It provides that extra support for people who need it most – like those with lower back pain.

Bravo Style Meets Comfort

The bed is an island, a beach, and a refuge.

In bed, we dream, whether asleep or awake. We make plans and we cherish memories. It must take us through the night and introduce us to a new day, but it should also be beautiful when we’re awake.

Designed for our customers who won’t settle for anything less than the best, this mattress is crafted with the best components to give you the comfort you need and the sleep you deserve.

It’s not just the sheer unadulterated bliss of luxury fabrics, plush fillings and traditional bonnell springs. It knows that everything is of the finest quality, crafted to the highest standards using traditional techniques developed and refined over years.  With our meticulous attention to detail and devotion to comfort, you’ll have the best night’s sleep of your life, every night.

Silver Dream Machine

Silver Combo beds come in a luxurious and contemporary design. The modern looking beds are designed with our products in mind; the specially designed base allows the mattress full access to breathe.

Silver innerspring unit contains great number of bonnell springs firmly connected with a helical wire providing a straight surface. The edge system of our mattress offers you a firm place to sit, keeps your mattress stable and allows you to sleep on without the mattress sinking beneath you. Silver engineers its edge systems for optimal stability. The matching box spring system absorbs impact (like a child jumping on the bed) to help ensure that you enjoy your dream machine for years to come

Crest Sleep Economics

Since sleep comfort is personal, we recommend Crest to all those who desire the Celeste’ standard sleep. Imagine a bed that, no matter how specific the angle can support your body exactly the way you like.

 The comfort layers of Crest mattress provide soft cushioning that helps reduce tossing and turning. The traditional bonnell springs with fewer plush comfort layers give you the bouncy firm support you desire.The crest range moves effortlessly on laying, supporting your neck, back, posterior, thigh and lower leg in whichever way feels most comfortable. Crest is a perfect solution for those who value quality and perfection at an affordable price.

Sleep Tip
Keep a "sleep diary" for at least 7 days, recording when you sleep, wake and eat to help your doctor pinpoint the causes of poor sleep.

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